For want of a spark

A 16th century  proverb quotes in its first line: “For want of a nail the kingdom was lost”  – ” No detail… was too small to be passed over.. A lost horseshoe nail could quite easily result in a kingdom’s demise.

The essential fire steel

A good firelighter is the most important consumable for starting a great roaring campfire…

So take heed and remember.

For want of a spark the firelighter did not catch light.

For want of a burning firelighter the kindling did not catch fire.

For want of glowing embers from the kindling, the wood did not burst into flames.

For want of a roaring fire the camper was not warmed.

For want of glowing heat the adventurer went to bed cold.

For want of a cheerful guy the experience was less than expected.

All for the want of a spark.

A slight play on words perhaps.  The bible talks about the effect of a spark in a slightly different tack. One small spark can create havoc for the emergency services.

In James chapter 3 verse 5, the apostle James  writes

Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark.”

Our tongue can give out words of immense encouragement one minute and great boasts and “fire ” the next.  On a Sunday morning we can sing our soul out praising God for who He is and what he has done for us. Then on Monday morning say things that give away a slight attitude of hypocrisy.

 The bible encourages us to guard our tongue,  our words and speak to one another in a way that is honouring and respectful.  That’s easier said than done. But like a spark, words said in anger or before engaging our brain can have a devastating effect on our world immediately around us. A forest wiped out by a small spark can take a long time to recover. One small word can cause a close relationship to breakdown with a long road to recovery.