Feed the fire – Tea is brewed

My latest campfire gadget is a Ghille camping kettle. A brilliant device for boiling water just using small twigs.  Well small pieces of wood and 600 grams of aluminium in the form of a volcano shaped flask.
The “Maverick” Ghillie kettle

The general principal is a small basement container where twigs, Fur Cones, leaves are incinerated to generate heat . This heat is funnelled up through a volcano shaped flask. It is essentially a double-walled chinmney with the water contained within the wall.  You’ll have to google “Ghille Kettle” to see it in action on Youtube.

The ingenious thing about the kettle design is that it can heat up sufficient water for a good cup of tea in under 4 minutes just by burning little twigs and small pieces of wood.  Once the base fire is alight all one needs to do is feed more twigs down the centre funnel and hay presto a cup of tea without the need for camping gas.

Ever since I was a young child and allowed to have a camp fire at the bottom of our garden, I have always loved the experience of sitting around smokey embers.   I’ll now grab any chance to make a fire and feed it with wood.

What’s great about a wood burner or a Ghillie Kettle is that the design of the “stove” is such that even when the fire has almost gone out and looks like it has died , the addition of a few small pieces of wood will straightaway revive the embers and in no time at all a good roaring fire is re-established.

Any personal relationship in life, is a bit like a fire it needs attention and requires feeding to keep it alive.  Just like our relationship with God our heaveny father. We need to keep stoking the fire with spititual wood to ensure our faith and love does not grow cold.  In the last book of the bible the book of Revelation the church of the Laodiceans  was lovingly criticised for being neither hot nor cold in its relationship with Jesus Christ. Revelation chapter 3 verse 14 – 16

To keep our friendship with God alive like a red hot fire we need to keep doing those things which feed the close friendship .  Whether its reading the scriptures on a regular basis or finding time daily to pray and listern to God speak.  We all as Christians know what is needed to keep our hearts warm for God .  All of us as individuals will have that time, place and activity that renews our love and worship for such a great saviour, who gave his all for us on the cross and rose again so we can enjoy a wonderful friendship now and an enternity in fellowship with the almightly creator God.