Introduction – Man’s red fire


“..What I desire is man’s red fire To make my dream come true …” I wanna be like you -Jungle book.

I’m a very practical guy so when it comes to analysing most things in life primarily I look first at how useful is it and then if I get that rare insight I may see a more creative emotional concept developing.  When I consider a real live fire my first thought is here is a  practical tool with many uses, an outdoor cooker giving warmth and heat, offering a sense of safety. Then later there maybe a thought of something more fluffy springs to mind like comfort within an awesome atmosphere,  or a place for developing deeper friendships.

Our Wood burning  stove gets well used on an almost daily basis during the winter months. The feeling of a chill as the temperature drops quickly brings on the need to light up and stock up the indoor wood pile. Only when the temperature begins to rise do I finally start to think of that inner warm feeling and comfort a fire continually gives out.

These short blogs look at the topic of how the fantastic environment  of a camp fire with  it’s many features can help us relate to God’s character.